DIY Bird Feeder Activity


Simple Bird Feeder



Grade level


Time duration

10 minutes+


Create a simple bird feeder using common household items


Using common household items you will create an environmentally friendly bird feeder.


Bird safe fruit (Apple, Pear, Orange, etc.) OR toilet paper tube

String or wire (length can vary)

Adhesive (Child safe glue or any sticky edible substance such as honey, jelly, etc.

Bird safe coating (Bird seed, whole oats, bread crumbs, crushed crackers)


  1. Cut about 12 inches of string or wire and puncture the top of the fruit or toilet paper tube all the way through to the other side. (If you are using string, you may need a knife to do this. Be sure to let an adult help you!)
  2. Bring the string/wire all of the way through and connect it to the other end of the string/wire. Tie both ends together to create a loop to hang your feeder.
  3. Now, take the fruit/toilet paper tube and cover the outside in a thin layer of jelly or child-safe glue.
  4. Next, you will put your coating in a container (a bowl or Tupperware will work fine and makes clean up easier) and gently press your tube/fruit into the coating, ensuring an even coat covers all the sticky surface.
  5. Let it sit in a dry area for at least an hour. The longer it dries, the longer it will last.
  6. Hang your bird feeder outside and keep an eye out for the birds!


That’s it! One coat of adhesive is adequate but if you are feeling particularly crafty, you can always add layers on top of each other (jelly, covering, jelly, covering, etc.). Just make sure it has time to dry, or it will become too heavy and slide off!

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