Kidzeum is temporarily closed until further notice. Click here to read our most recent update.

Health & Safety at Kidzeum

Kidzeum is currently in a period of extended closure. Tap here to read our most recent update.


Kidzeum Sick Policy

Staff and volunteers who are sick, or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, are asked to stay home to limit the spread of illness. Similarly, if a visitor has a fever, has had a fever recently, is too sick to attend work or school, or is experiencing any abnormal symptoms, we ask that they do not visit Kidzeum.

Kidzeum Cleaning Protocol

At Kidzeum, the health and safety of our guests remains a high priority throughout the entire year. Our staff work tirelessly, and follow specific protocol, to ensure that the museum is kept a clean, safe and fun place for families to visit. See below to learn how we maintain the facility’s cleanliness.

Kidzeum’s cleaning protocol includes:

Kidzeum staff clean and sanitize the entire museum each day. Cleaning procedures begin early, before museum opening hours and continue throughout the day and after closing.

Our staff use safe, hospital grade disinfectant cleaner and sanitizer to clean all museum areas and props, including:

  • Toys/props, pillows, stuffed animals, etc.
  • All exhibit areas
  • Furniture (including tables, chairs, coat racks, etc.)
  • Restrooms, including sinks, toilets, changing tables, doors and handles, etc.
  • Handrails, doors and door handles

Kidzeum staff vacuum, sweep and mop floors each day and deep clean carpets throughout the year.

Costumes, plush materials and fabric pieces of our exhibits are laundered and cleaned on a regular basis.

The cleanliness of Kidzeum exhibits, props and all other areas has always been a top priority. We will continually take steps to monitor and keep up with any new cleaning guidelines that become available from the local, state and federal government.

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