What is Kidzeum? 

Kidzeum is a children's museum, located in historic downtown Springfield, IL, that opened on July 21, 2018. It is a children's museum dedicated to the idea that kids learn best while at play. 

So come have fun, and learn about health and science at the same time!

Where is Kidzeum located?

Kidzeum is located at 412 East Adams Street, Springfield, IL 62701. 

We are directly across the street from Cafe Moxo and just about one block west of the Old State Capitol. 

What is the cost of admission?

The general admission rate for kids ages 2 to 60 is $9, but we do have some discounts available for people over 60, members of other ACM children's museums, active and veteran military as well as EBT card holders. 

ASTC members receive free admission.

Members and kids under 2 years of age are free. 

Where do I park?

Kidzeum does NOT have any dedicated parking. 

There is ample street parking (free on Saturday and Sunday) on the surrounding streets as well as a couple of municipal parking garages nearby.  

Click Here for directions.

What is the recommended age range for Kidzeum?

We have found that the age range which provides the best experience at Kidzeum is 2 to 12. 

Kids older than 12 are still able to have a great experience, especially when they get to interact and engage with younger siblings or family members. 

Is there food available?

No, Kidzeum does not sell any food.

We do however have a lunch room space, so feel free to bring food from home or run across the street to Cafe Moxo and grab a pot pie or a buttercream cookie! 

We do also sell drinks out of the vending machines in our lunchroom!

Can I have a birthday party at Kidzeum?

Yes! Kidzeum has three different spaces that can host parties ranging in size from 15 persons to 40 persons. Parties larger than 40 would require facility rental. 

Click Here for birthday party info!

If you have any questions about parties, or anything else regarding Kidzeum, give us a call at (217) 971-4435 or email info@kidzeum.org and we would be happy help!

What is there to do at Kidzeum?

  • Tickle a giant nose and make it sneeze! Learn how fast a sneeze travels.
  • Climb through a brain, spine and gooey intestines! Learn about the major body systems and how to stay healthy.
  • Create your own weather report at WKID Weather Station! Learn about weather patterns and what meteorologists do.
  • Plant your veggies in our interactive garden! Learn what foods help YOU grow.
  • Explore our splashy water table! Learn about soil erosion, floods and dams. 

Kidzeum does not allow adults without children, or children without adults into the museum. We would be happy to give you a tour of the museum, time and staff permitting. 

Tag your photos & videos with #kidzeum and share your Kidzeum experiences with our online community!

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KIDZEUM OF HEALTH AND SCIENCE 412 E. Adams St, Springfield, Illinois 62701