Healthy Body

A highlight at Kidzeum is Active Alex, a three-story structure which offers youngsters climbing space and larger-than-life displays about the human body. The Healthy Body exhibit uses Active Alex to help kids learn about body systems and health. Alex is 40 feet tall, accessible via all three floors of the museum, and the only one of its kind. 

1st Floor

On the first floor, kids can climb through Alex's legs and learn about the layers of the skin. Behind Alex’s legs, are a system of tubes and boxes that act as a diabetes exhibit. This is an air flow exhibit demonstrating concepts of diabetes by trapping colorful scarves (food/glucose) at the top of the exhibit until a gray scarf or scarves (insulin) trigger their release.

2nd Floor

Active Alex and The Healthy Body continues on the second floor. Youngsters climb Alex’s spine to reach the heart and lung platform – “running” on the pad causes the heart and lung lights to race faster in response. Under this platform, children can crawl through Alex’s intestine and prepare for giggles while learning about digestion. Surrounding Alex’s torso are interactive arms with a blood pressure cuff, a broken bone, and the movable hand playing catch. 

3rd Floor

On the third floor, little explorers can access Alex’s brain via a spine climb. Surrounding Alex’s head is an over-sized tongue and nose, interactive eye and ear exhibits, and demonstrations of various types of joints found in the human body.

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