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Healthy Earth

On Kidzeum's first floor, the Healthy Earth Exhibit is divided into two major sections; the farm and agriculture section and the water table. The purpose of this space is to cultivate children’s interest in ecology and the environment around them. This area contains the most “touch objects,” including “play” food and plastic balls. By interacting, investigating, and playing in this area children begin to understand where food comes from and how it ends up in their fridge. 

Water Table

The Water Table is an extremely popular exhibit with guests of all ages. It consists of three general sections: Levees/DamPipes, and Boat Building/Racing. Through this area, children can use removable levees and dams to learn about water flow and flooding. They can also join together plastic pipes, used to build and explore construction and water pressure. Guests can also build racing boats from provided materials and use blowers near the end of the water table to race their constructed boats.

Farm/Agriculture Area

By interacting, investigating, and playing in this area, children should begin to understand where food comes from…and how it ends up in their fridge! Kids can start in the Garden, utilize the Harvester and Grain Bin to help harvest, then move to the Food Truck and Farm Stands when it comes time to go to market. A Corn Maze and Milking Cow/Animal Noises bookend this area.

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