Extended hours are here! Kidzeum is now open every Wednesday - Sunday from 9am - 4pm!

Kidzeum is designed so that kids of all abilities can explore, learn and have fun while understanding how to make healthy choices for ourselves, our communities and our earth!

EXHIBIT Temporary Exhibit: Hues & Clues

What makes us see red? What makes us see green? How do colors interact with each other? Splash into the rainbow when you visit Kidzeum.

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Healthy Earth

EXHIBIT Healthy Earth

Making smart choices in how we use our land, water, soil and other resources keeps the earth and environment healthy.

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Healthy Community

EXHIBIT Healthy Community

The Healthy Community exhibit shares the vital message of our responsibility to our communities and educates about the roles of dedicated people who provide the services that make communities thrive.

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Healthy Body

EXHIBIT Healthy Body

Understanding how our bodies work helps us make smart choices to keep it healthy and thriving.

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EXHIBIT Coming Soon: Turtle Travels

Opening May 28, 2022: Find out what it’s like for a turtle trying to traverse changing habitats... Be a turtle tracker and see how real biologists track animals in the wild... And a whole lot more! Sponsored by LRS.

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