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Five (More) Things to Do Outside!

The plan was to have something pretty awesome happening this weekend. And, while that’s obviously not happening (yet!), there is still hope for the future, and we are still excited about the message: Pollinators are important!

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Have Some Science for Dinner!

Cooking at home provides the opportunity for everyone to participate in an educational activity together!

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Want to be a Scientist?

What if there were places online where we could DO real science, and work right alongside real scientists to DO things that could really make a difference?

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Five Things to Do Outside

For most kids (and adults), spending time outside is extremely beneficial. Here are five activities to get everyone moving outdoors!

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Can Your Kite Touch the Sky?!

It begins inside with design and construction…and plenty of opportunity for creativity, fun, and learning!

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5 Ideas for Science at Home

All ideas provide ample opportunities for fun, creativity, and learning!

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Growing Green Thumbs

Millions of people enjoy gardening as a hobby, but it also has some very practical benefits for kids (and adults).

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5 Times Science Changed Its Mind

Here are five times science changed its mind... And some cool activities to go with it!

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The Best Paper Airplane

Nothing captures the essence of learning through play quite like building (and testing!) paper airplanes!

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