Edible Modeling Dough


Edible Modeling Dough


Create your own dough to model, shape or play with (it has the same consistency of Play-Doh!)

Grade level

Any with adult supervision

Time duration

5-10 minutes


You will create an edible modeling dough using only two ingredients!


Have fun!


Sticky substance (Honey, Maple syrup, Corn starch) and confectioners/powdered sugar


  1. In a regular bowl, combine 1 tbsp syrup with 1 cup confectioners/powdered sugar
  2. Knead with a fork (or fingers!) until all the confectioners sugar is incorporated.
  3. Take another ½ cup of confectioners/powdered sugar and repeat.
  4. Repeat step 3 until a ball of dough appears and can be handled. 
  5. Knead in your hands coating the outside with more sugar and mixing until the ball is no longer sticky. It will have the same feel as Play-Doh!


This is a simple, fun way to make a very versatile substance. You can use it to make figures, shapes and more! The best part? Its edible! Have fun, be safe and remember to brush your teeth, that’s a lot of sugar!

Extra Credit

This is an example of two substances that seem like one. Do you remember what this is called? Tap here to find out.

We want to see your edible dough! Tap here to submit your project!

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