Make Your Own Fertilizer


Seed Starter Fertilizer


Create your own seed fertilizer using kitchen waste!

Grade level

Any with adult supervision

Time duration

2 minutes


Using discarded kitchen waste you can create a healthy organic seed soil that is contains nutrients to help your plant grow!


Have fun and grow your own plants!


1 Egg yolk (egg whites are fine, but the yolk is the important part

1 cup minimum used coffee grounds

1 Bite sized piece of old banana


  1. Combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix. 
  2. That’s it! 

You can use a minimum of 1 cup used coffee grounds or more! We recommend saving them up for a week and using the same amount of the other ingredients.


This is a safe, environmentally friendly seed fertilizer. It promotes the recycling of food waste and helps give your seeds the nutrients they need to grow big and strong! We suggest using the fertilizer outside, as it does contain egg, but if you add more coffee grounds there is no smell other than the delicious coffee smell!

Extra Credit

Try making this along with our egg planter! It’s a great way to use all parts of an egg and you can use discarded Easter egg shells for a more festive garden. Get creative!

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