Make a Ground Pollinator Feeder


Ground Pollinator Feeder


Natural Science/ Biology

Grade level


Time duration

15 minutes


Show Ground Pollinators some love by creating them a nice easy feast!


Create a Ground Pollinator Feeder


Honey Nut Cheerios, Pipe cleaners, Paper tube (a toilet paper roll tube works great!)



Use the pipe cleaners to thread cheerios in stacks. 


When you have 5 or more stacks (depending on your paper tube size) place them side by side, filling your tube.


Fill any large gaps with cheerios to improve the strength of your Ground feeder.


Using a dropper or small measuring device, gently drip water down the cheerios. Be extra careful not to use too much water or your cheerios will become a soggy mess!


After your cheerios have dried for an hour or so, place your finger at the front of each pipe cleaner (to stop the cheerio from shifting) and pull the pipe cleaners out. If they are sticking, gently twist until it is free.

Hint: You can use a couple of your leftover pipe cleaners to tie around your pipe. That way, you can hang it up outside!


If done correctly, you should have tubes created by cheerios! Now, find a nice place outdoors for your tube. You can even bury one end of it if you want, or hang it up with your leftover pipe cleaners. Get creative!


Most people know that honey bees pollinate flowers. But did you know that many other species of insect and ground animal pollinate as well? There are even some species of bees that live underground! Providing a convenient meal for these pollinators encourages them to visit your garden. Don’t worry if ants go crazy for your feeder too. They are one of the most important pollinators on the planet and often discourage harmful bugs from entering your garden!

Extra Credit

We create tubes with cheerios to delay mold build up and provide safe places for our ground pollinators to eat. Try recording what bugs you see visiting your ground station! You will get different visitors based on where you place your feeder!

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