In 1992, a group of volunteers banded together to open the original Springfield Children's Museum. For eight years, this museum served as a solid community attraction with more than 40,000 visitors each year. However, because the museum suffered from inadequate space and an inconvenient location, it ultimately could not be sustained.

In 2008, with a shared passion to build a learning environment for children and their families, a new group of dedicated community members convened to form the Kidzeum of Health and Science Board of Directors, Trustees, and volunteers. With more than 200 strong, Kidzeum supporters recognized the need for an educational and entertainment facility in our region.

During Kidzeum's planning phase, focus groups, including both children and adults, determined the topics of health and science that would be the best fit for the new children's museum. With this in mind, Kidzeum of Health and Science's mission, to create memorable experiences of learning through play for children of ALL abilities, was developed to address critical issues affecting today’s youth.

Kidzeum is committed to nurturing health and wellness, promoting science education and careers, and developing environmental and global awareness through innovative programs and exhibits. Being healthy is not just a popular trend, but a persistent core value that Kidzeum aspires to enhance through visitor impact.

This is no small effort! There were hundreds of people involved in the planning, building, and fundraising efforts, with much of the help coming from volunteers who generously donated their time and effort. 

With a new focus and a new name, Kidzeum of Health and Science is dedicated to providing access to children of all abilities through the development of multi-sensory components for each part of the museum.

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