Five Ideas for Science at Home

March 28, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

In honor of our Mini Science Fair, we’ve got Five Ideas for Science at Home to help get things started. Some ideas are simpler or require less to get going than others, but all provide ample opportunities for fun, creativity, and learning!

The Vegetable Scrap Garden

The Vegetable Scrap Garden could have been included in our post from earlier this week, but this easy-to-get-started project really works nicely as an entry point for discussions about conservation/sustainability and (plant) biology. Kids can get creative with containers, then observe and record the re-growth of their garden. A wide selection of produce can be re-grown or re-started in the kitchen, so find your family favorites and get re-growing!

Chemical Reactions: Cleaning Pennies and Corroding Metal

Chemical reactions are the primary focus of these two classic science projects. Even the littlest learners can partake in and witness the results of using vinegar (or ketchup…or something else!) to clean tarnished pennies! And for the older kids, or for a project with a little longer time frame, try an experiment to discover which metal is the most resistant to corrosion. Both projects offer variations and room to experiment on your own using the basic set-up…just be careful with those chemicals and their reactions!

The At-Home Volcano

Why not replicate one of the most awesome geological forces right in your own home!? Volcanoes are, of course, a fascinating entry into earth sciences and geology. Building one at home provides further educational benefits throughout the process of designing, constructing, and erupting the finished product. So, go get your creative lava flowing!

Exploring Electricity

As a theme, electricity provides a myriad of projects in most age groups and experience levels. From the classic potato battery to beginning robotics, there are plenty of ways to directly study electricity while alternating between other currents of study. However, though most projects designed for kids are be safe, caution should always be exercised when working with electricity. We want to spark an interest, not shock the system…

Raising Butterflies

Not only will Raising Butterflies be a fascinating and educational experience for you and your little learner(s), you’ll also be helping the environment! Monarch butterflies are an especially popular (and helpful) choice, but many possibilities (check the backyard!) exist. You’ll also want to do a bit of research to ensure you’re providing the proper diet and environment depending on the species and stage of growth, but the efforts will be rewarded when your mature butterflies are released into nature to do their good work for your local environment!

Good luck in the Mini Science Fair! But, even if you miss the deadline, we’d love to see your results! Keep up the learning… and fun!

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