Growing Green Thumbs

March 24, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

Already the first signs of Spring are sprouting. The soft greens and newly budded trees attest to an ideal time for planning and beginning a family garden! Millions of people enjoy gardening as a hobby, but it also has some very practical benefits for kids (and adults).

Get started by refreshing your knowledge of the basics, then check out some activities for germinating interest in gardening among your saplings. Below, you’ll find some ideas for different types of gardens to get things really growing at home!


You don’t need much to start building a terrarium, but the benefits are plenty. And, for the novice gardener, terrariums don’t require starting from seed and are fairly low maintenance. Get creative with your terrarium and add a unique element to family space or a child’s bedroom!

Windowsill Herb Garden

A fantastic choice when outdoor options are limited, the windowsill herb garden provides an opportunity to garden on a manageable scale. The entire growth cycle – hands on from seed to cultivation – can be experienced by the entire family. And, when the thyme comes, savor all those homegrown flavors!

Backyard Garden

Whether a vegetable garden or flower garden (or something else!), the backyard garden offers a plethora of opportunities for creativity, learning, and fun! Of course, this level of gardening requires some commitment, but the lessons and rewards – for the whole family – are worth the effort. Grab the basics you need to get started and dig in!

Pollinator Garden

Pollinators and pollinator gardens are near and dear to the Kidzeum of Health and Science! These extremely beneficial gardens can bring practical, beautiful plants to the most limited spaces. You could even “create” a full pollinator yard! Or, maybe not.

Whether indoors or out, on a small or massive scale, gardening is a rewarding activity full of potential for fun and learning! And, as always, we’d love to hear from you! Send us your tips, designs, and (eventually) results!

Now, get growing!

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