Five Times Science Changed Its Mind

March 21, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

Doing science, whether theorizing, researching, experimenting, or analyzing, means seeking to change what we know – or what we think we know! Furthermore, new technologies and methods bring more clarity to evidence we already had and access to new evidence we may not have even known existed.

And, sometimes, we find out we were very wrong about something we were very sure about!

Let’s highlight Five Times Science Changed Its Mind!

5) Light – Particle? Wave? Both!?

This one is certainly complex in its uncertainty. But, just think how amazing it is we are still learning new things about the most fundamental parts of science! Some fun experiments designed for kids to explore light can be found here.

4) The Taste Map – Just Wrong.

We see taste buds covering the whole tongue, and we can sense different tastes on different parts of the tongue, so why did all those textbooks tell us something different? Come see for yourself the next time you’re at Kidzeum! And, explore taste further with some chemistry in the kitchen!

3) Gravity – Keeping Us Grounded One Way or Another.

Gravity, like Light, is a massive topic (how’s that for word play!). It makes this list not because of a single “change” but because despite experiencing gravity firsthand and studying it for hundreds of years, we still cannot fully explain what it is. And, every answer we do find seems to raise new questions for the next generation to explore. You can start the exploration with a video and simple experiments!

2) Dinosaurs – With Feathers!?

Dinosaurs have long captured the imagination of kids (and adults!). But, if you weren’t paying attention for a decade or two, you may have missed a…Mesozoic makeover! Check out these dinosaur activities! Or, for the ambitious, build a dinosaur model. Just don’t forget the feathers…

1) Pluto – Forever in our Hearts.

Pluto! What happened!? This really and truly does seem to be about science just changing its mind, specifically regarding what is – or isn’t – a planet. And, who knows? There are still some prominent figures who want Pluto back! Either way, check out how big the solar system actually is here, then build your own model!

What are your thoughts? Have a (kid friendly) Top Five of your own? Let us know!

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