The Best Paper Airplane

March 17, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

Nothing captures the essence of learning through play quite like building (and testing!) paper airplanes!

Endless templates and designs, no limits to color or scheme, and potentially hours of folding lead to (hopefully) seconds of delight watching those creations soar across the room.

Best of all for parents: in between those test flights and rebuilds, there’s plenty of learning to be done! Who knows where even a brief discussion about what keeps a paper airplane in the air can lead? 

But a paper airplane-building session will usually come down to finding that “best” design. Whether judging on pure distance or time in the air, or, maybe, just searching for a smooth, graceful glide with the right hint of style, the quest for the “best” design is a lesson in trial-and-error…and patience.

However, we did find a few designs already claiming to be the best!

The Best Paper Airplane can be found here

Although, this website claims The World’s Best Paper Airplane…

And this one is said to be a World-Record Paper Airplane! 

Or, perhaps, one of the many designs found here is really the best! 

Use your skills and imagination to create YOUR “best” paper airplane. And, don’t forget to let us know what design worked best for you! We’d love to see pictures of your favorite creations!


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