Five Things to Do Outside

April 4, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

It’s not breaking news that, for most kids (and adults), spending time outside is extremely beneficial! But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to accomplish…even under the best circumstances. So, to help, here are five activities to get everyone moving outdoors!

Kites – A Classic

Ok, ok, we’re starting off with an easy one as this topic was just covered! However, it’s well worth mentioning again because as an activity, it has it all. From initial design and construction with lots of opportunity for creative choices and decoration to the thrill of seeing a personal creation soar after running and catching the wind, kites are one of those activities that could easily become a hobby.

Messy Science

Really, this is a catch-all category for all those projects and experiments too big or messy for inside the house! Perhaps a spot outside would prove a solid choice for the test phase of an Egg Drop project. Or, as a landing zone for a Water Balloon Parachute!  Maybe you want to whip up a batch of Elephant Toothpaste. Of course, what “messy” means is open to interpretation, so use any level of potential mess necessary to get outside and let loose!

Old Favorites

Why not spend an afternoon enjoying some of the classic school yard games? Hide-and-Seek, Capture the Flag, and other infinite versions of Tag (You’re It) are easy to play for just about all age groups. Hopscotch requires just some chalk and a sidewalk. Four Square just needs some chalk or tape, a bit of space, and a “bouncy” ball for setup and play. And, of course, Jumping Rope is a timeless activity, game, and exercise! It can be just like recess…at home!

Take a “Hike” through “Nature”

Certainly, if you are lucky enough to safely access and hike more traditional nature locations, do so! But maybe that isn’t convenient…so, why not turn a walk around the block into an expedition through (neighborhood) nature? There are plenty of activities to do with even the smallest observers! Pick out a few choice spots and encourage learners to make observations and/or sketches of plant growth or animal activity throughout Spring and Summer!

Cultivate a Garden

Yes – this has been mentioned before, as well. But, like kite building and flying, gardening checks quite a few of the boxes regarding physical activity, education, and fun! You know…hmm…gardening could be something we spend even more time investigating…

So, stay tuned! In the meantime, let us know about your favorite outdoor activities…especially if you think it’s something people need to know about!

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