Five (More) Things to Do Outside!

April 26, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

The plan was to have something pretty awesome happening this weekend at the Kidzeum of Health and Science. And, while that’s obviously not happening (yet!), there is still hope for the future, and we are still excited about the message:

Pollinators are important!

We will be having loads of content over the coming weeks relating to bees, birds, butterflies, and blooms; and, of course, Kidzeum staff, volunteers, and donors continue to work toward the time when we can all come back and check in on the butterflies and bees!

And, rest assured: We will Bee back!

But, in the meantime, here are Five (More) Things to Do Outside!

Hula Hoop Fun

You can spend hours with this simple, but timeless, toy! Sure, there is the intended purpose, but that’s only the beginning. Send a few rolling at the same time and encourage a child to see how many they can catch before the hoops stop rolling. Throw a few hoops randomly out in the backyard and have kids jump from hoop to hoop. Most activities involving a hula hoop are going to require kids (or adults!) to be active, utilizing both motor and balance skills! You can also use them to…

Create a Backyard Obstacle Course

You could definitely go full DIY with this project or just find various toys or implements around the house and yard to create your course. Objects like pool noodles, jump ropes, and hula hoops (or pretty much anything else) can be creatively reimagined as obstacles and boundaries. Either way, this is a fun activity that can easily be adjusted for all ages and abilities.

Nature Art

Yes, the kids have seen the back yard, but have they really seen the backyard. Pick out a particularly colorful or interesting part of the yard, have kids observe it, then recreate what they see! Using whatever medium they desire, let them show you how they see the world! You could even provide a challenge or work on memory skills by allowing only a certain amount of time for observation!

Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are already a fantastic option for outdoor fun, but what if you changed it up a bit? Stick a few common outdoor “items” in paper bags and let kids touch – but not see! – them. Based on what they feel, can the items be located in a given area? It would take some creative thinking, but you could also come up with some items to find based on sound or smell!

Simon Says – Nature Edition

Another classic, Simon Says is a game with which most people are familiar. The twist here: commands are nature based! What fun to have the whole family outside wiggling like worms, flapping wings like a bird, or roaring like thunder! Perhaps, you change the indicator: rather than “Simon Says” preceding a command to be followed, why not say only nature-based commands should be followed? First one out must pick up the obstacle course!

And, hang in there! We miss seeing all of you at the Kidzeum of Health and Science but are committed to doing our part to keep our community healthy and safe. Please let us know how you’re doing, tell us if there is anything you’d like to see explored further, or just show us what you’ve been up to!

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