Seeds and Spring Just Grow Together

April 7, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

Gardening has been mentioned in this space a few times before…with good reason. The benefits are numerous; the opportunities for learning and engaging in outdoor activity are copious. Really, a minimal investment in basic supplies and a willingness to do it are all you need to get gardening!

Well, kind of…because you will also need plants for your garden. So, you’ll want to get started on them, too! For many gardeners (and nature), the starting point for plants is the seed. While many vegetables, herbs, and flowers can be purchased as “starters,” beginning at the seed stage has some real advantages.

A (typically) lower cost and more control over quality are practical reasons to start from seed. But, maybe more importantly, starting from seed gives everyone the opportunity to witness and take part in the epic progression through the plant life-cycle – from seed to seedling and beyond! However, as the days grow warmer, the time to start from seed shortens – so, don’t hesitate to get this project off…err…in the ground!

Starting plants from seed for vegetable gardens is especially common. As such, a plethora of materials and resources are available to help. Websites with general information, planting calendars, and tips are out there. But, really, once you have a handle on the basics, the back of the seed packet will become your primary source of information for getting those seeds growing! How hard can it be if the instructions are right there on the back of the package?!

Perhaps, inspired by a previous post, you took the time to plan out your vegetable garden. Great! Now is good time to double-check and ensure you are set up for success. If your plan seems a bit ambitious, or if you’re new to gardening, just focus on a few favorites. You can always make one or two or several additions to the garden next season!

But, what about flowers?

Certainly, many can be started indoors, as well! There are species and varieties of both annuals and perennials that can be started from seed. Many of the basics are the same, and, like vegetables, the backs of the packets will contain all the important information for that particular plant. But keep in mind that while a perennial may be started from seed, it could still take a season or two (or longer) before it begins to blossom!

If you’d like some suggestions for easier plants to get growing from seed, perhaps an interesting idea will sprout from here. Or, if you aren’t sure about committing to a full garden but don’t want to miss out on the educational side of seed germination, try a classic from biology class right in your own home!

And, of course, check out a special project from my friend, Cajun, showing how to convert an egg into a seed planter!

Have fun!

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