Summer Camps

Kidzeum STEAM Camp

Timing: June 10 - August 2, 2024
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm
Children may attend one or more weeks. 

Two Age Groups Available:
- Children who have completed 1st & 2nd grade
- Children who have completed 3rd & 4th grade

Cost: $315 per student per week (4-day week $252 per student per week)

Join us for a full-day camp focusing on STEM/STEAM, literacy, and social-emotional learning through exploration and play! 

2024 themes:

June 10 - 14: Eco Camp  

Float like a butterfly? Sting like a bee? You’ll enjoy this camp about ecology! Our popular pollinator camp is expanding to include the rest of our ecosystem. Campers will spend 5 days exploring Southwind Park’s beautiful pollinator gardens, pond, and playgrounds. Campers will meet with experts and learn how they can help native pollinators and plants thrive. They will have the opportunity to learn how living organisms and non-living things interact in the world around us. Activities will include starting an aquaponics garden, investigating insects/plants, starting a compost pile, creating nature inspired art, and much more! Join us for our 5-day camp Monday to Friday at Southwind Park. 

June 17 - 21: Sports Science (Juneteenth off)  

Most kids like to play sports, but did they know you can use sports to learn about science? Our sports science camp will give campers the opportunity to conduct experiments while playing their favorite games. Campers will also learn the importance of teamwork, play sports they have never played, and meet with professionals that work with athletes! Southwind Park is the perfect location to run their experiments and has plenty of room to stretch those legs. Join us for our 4-day camp Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at Southwind Park. 

June 24 - 28: Flight School  

Calling all engineers, pilots, and mechanics! Does your child love looking at airplanes or ask questions about how these amazing machines fly. This camp will walk campers through the history of flight from birds to modern day rockets.  The skies above Southwind Park are full of flying objects and our campers will learn all about them! Activities will include designing model flying objects, meeting real pilots, and flying drones! Join us for our 5-day camp Monday to Friday at Southwind Park that includes a behind the scenes tour of the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport! 

July 1 – 5: Survivor Camp (4th of July off)  

It may be a short week, but our Survivor Camp is jampacked with a full week's worth of fun! This weeklong competition will have campers face-off in a series of challenges in a fun and friendly environment. Challenges and competitions will include design challenges, brain teasers, and outdoor games! Southwind Park is the perfect environment for a week outside before the holiday weekend. Join us for our 4-day camp Monday-Wednesday and Friday at Southwind Park. 

July 8 - 12: Superhero Science 

With great power comes great responsibility. Do you know what comes with a week of camp at Kidzeum? Fun! Our superhero themed camp will be fun while campers learn how superpowers would work in the real world and create their own superpowers using science! Campers will have super strength using simple machines, freeze water right in front of their eyes, and learn how flight works! Campers will also create their own superhero and design their own comic book! Join us for a 5-day camp Monday-Friday at Kidzeum of Health and Science. 

July 15 - 19: Deep Sea Adventures

It’s said that space is the final frontier, but did you know that 75% of the ocean floor is undiscovered? In our Deep Sea Adventures camp our campers will have the opportunity to learn how the ocean is explored and the creatures that live in the harshest environments on earth. Activities will include designing a submersible, interacting with aquatic animals, and discovering the mysteries of the ocean.  

July 22 - 26: Cardboard Carnival

Everybody loves carnival! Back by popular demand, our Cardboard Carnival camp takes the fun and whimsy of a carnival and brings it to Kidzeum. The Cardboard Carnival is filled with learning opportunities inspired by a carnival. Activities include designing a roller coaster, constructing a carnival game, and creating art inspired by carnivals. Join us for a 5-day camp Monday-Friday at Kidzeum of Health and Science. 

July 29 - Aug 2: Food Science 

We eat food every day, but do you ever stop to wonder what you’re eating or how it is made? Our food science camp gives campers an opportunity to learn where their food comes from and design their own hydroponic garden. Campers will put on their lab coats to discover that cooking is chemistry and investigate popular kitchen myths. Does a watched pot boil? Our campers may reveal the answer! Join us for a 5-day camp Monday-Friday at Kidzeum of Health and Science.  


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