Starting from Seed: Digging Deeper

April 9, 2020

by Aaron Pflug • Kidzeum Staff

So, the idea of gardening from seed seems intriguing, and everyone has put some thought into what they’d like to grow…now what? Is it as simple as you made it seem?!

Well…kind of.

The basic idea is straightforward: given the right amount of light, moisture and correct temperature, a seed will germinate, sprout leaves, and develop a root system.

As far as the seeds themselves are concerned, many (most) are just ready-to-go. However, some require a bit of help to mimic the conditions they would find in their home environment. While nothing too difficult, these steps – if required – are critical. Of course, avoiding these harder-to-start seeds may be prudent for beginning gardeners!

Then, it’s just a matter of giving the seedling – and eventually, small plant – enough space to thrive before moving into a final spot in the garden.

You don’t even have to use soil to get things started! Just be very careful when first putting the delicate sprout into soil!

The germinating seeds, regardless of what growing medium you’re using, will need to be checked regularly. What a perfect task for a young, enthusiastic gardener with some time to fill! And, to satiate some curiosity or provide some reassurance if you’ve spent a few anxious days waiting for something to happen, you can find some basic germination time frames for flowers or vegetables. Just keep in mind that growing conditions will certainly affect how long seeds take to sprout!

If it really starts to seem like nothing is going to happen, there may still be hope! Perhaps just a minor tweak will get things back on track. Also, it is likely that not every seed will germinate. And not every seedling will survive transplanting. But, remember: all the effort here will pay off when you move viable plants into the garden, rather than directly planting in the soil and taking your chances!

Good luck getting those seeds started!

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