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Kidzeum of Health & Science supports our nation's call for change and we want to help children learn to show kindness and compassion to everyone. Here are a few resources we've compiled to help parents start a conversation with children about the critical issues facing our world:

Talking to Kids About Race by National Geographic
“'This moment in time provides people with an opportunity,' says Candra Flanagan, director of teaching and learning for the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). 'Adults might want to turn off the TV or be silent. But kids are getting their information and understanding from other places. It makes it that much more important to have these conversations so they aren’t getting outside messages different from what [parents] want them to have.'"

Talking About Race by the National Museum of African American History & Culture
"Why talking about race matters: Everyone has a racialized identity. Racialized identity has major impact on a person's life. Race is a defining social construct in American life."

Equity Resources: Living the Statement by the National Association for the Education of Young Children
"[These resources] are drawn from our partners’ as well as from NAEYC’s own publications. While some provide recommendations and implications for policy makers and administrators, this collection is primarily focused on elevating resources that support educators in teaching for equity."

The Underground Railroad by the National Geographic
An easy-to-navigate, interactive project allowing the audience to follow the Underground Railroad to freedom. 

How to Celebrate Black History Month with Kids by Parents.com
Information about Black History Month itself and suggestions for engaging kids in exploring and celebrating Black History. 

What Can One Little Person Do by Scholastic
A sing-a-long for kids highlighting the lasting impact of Rosa Park’s single, simple act. 

Black History Month by PBS Kids
A brief-but-thoughtful introduction to Black History Month, produced with kids in mind. 

Do you know of more helpful resources you'd like to see featured here? Email info@kidzeum.org and share them with us!

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