Members Only Day!

Hey Kidzeum members, we appreciate YOU! Your support is crucial in helping us fulfill our mission: to create experiences of learning and discovery through play for children of all backgrounds and abilities.

As a thank you, exclusive access to Kidzeum awaits, along with double discount in the gift shop for this month’s Members Only Day! That’s 20% off books, plushies, STEAM toys, and more!

But wait! There is more!

We are filling the day with special members-only builder workshops!
Here is what to expect:

  • Pancake Bot 3D printing demo (to explain the 3D printer in a toddler-friendly way)
  • Playdough and kinetic sand modeling
  • A variety of different building materials:
    • Magnetic tiles
    • Foam building materials (lumber, bricks, etc.)
    • Jumbo LEGOS
  • Nature’s builders
    • Discuss builders in nature (birds, beavers, etc.)
    • Bird nest building activity/craft

Thank you for supporting Kidzeum!

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