Dog Days of Summer

Come support the businesses that surround the Kidzeum - from right on our patio!

Dog Days returns Sunday July 11th AND will feature some live music from the great Johnnie Owens! There will be free dog treats, hot dogs, and water.

We will also be handing out arbitrary and capricious awards decided on the spot for fun. What are the awards for? We don't even know yet...floofiest tail? Maybe!

**Stay tuned for details on our newest feature - the Dog Walk of Shame**

Featuring -

~FREE Dog Treats - All day

~FREE Hot Dogs from Cafe Moxo

~FREE bottled water from The Elf Shelf & Reverie Apparel

~Arbitrary awards - who knows?

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay!

*hot dogs, water bottles and dog treats are first come first serve until they are gone

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