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Wowsers! In just four short weeks, Kidzeum's Grand Garden Committee Chairs: Pat & Phil Wheat and Dan & Wanda Tracy along with committee members: Candace Mueller, Lynn Scott, Jill Aiello, Sarah Bunn, Lisa Stone, Susan Madison, Donna Nelson and Sue Kepner has raised over $122,000! To learn more about our Grand Garden Paver program click on the flower.

Add your name to our list of new contributors.  Call (217) 971-4435 or send an email to info@kidzeum.org.We want to thank some of our recent donors for helping us move forward with the Kidzeum of Health and Science:  Mike and Jill Aiello, Tom and Helen Appleton, Rex and Mary Bangert, Bruce and Joan Beman, Jay and Ellen Blair, Gary nad Paula Borah, Todd and Diane Brinkman, Lorilea Burkett, Bob and Sarah Bunn, Dan and Peggy Cadigan, Ray and Anne Capestrain, Ed and Sharon Curtis, Tim and Bonita DaRose, Lou and Kim Dixon, Gene and Janette Drendel, Capitol Group, Bill and Ginger Engle, Henry and Terri Enno, Tom and June Harmon, Ken and Shelly Hoffman, Steve and Carol Kaufman, Bill and Julie Kelner, Dan and Susan Kepner, Dan and Lisa Lanzotti, Ted and Pam LeBlang, Jim and Susan Madison, Joe and Lynn McMenamin, Jim and Annette McDermott, Norm and Vicki Megginson, Gary and Sharyn Morgan, Jim and Sue Morphew, Stan and Kay Morris, Mike and Teena Myers, Brooke and Amy Peterson, Robert and Carol Posegate, Ron and Camilla Rabjohns, Kathyrn Ransom, Ray and Mary Beth Roland, David and Mary Lou Roszhart, Amy Schmidt, Scott and Scott at Law, John an dLynda Snodsmith, Wallace and Pat Strow, Steve and Neta Tagge, Ted and Betsy Tracy, Don and Wanda Tracy, John and Diane Week, Neil and Patty Williamson, Jim and Linda Wilson, Al and Linda Yound, Roland Family Fund, Tracy Family Foundation 

Kidzeum still has $300,000 left to raise so that we can open our doors with three months of operational costs and be debt free.  When you are shopping online, please consider using  Amazon Smile. Shopping you are already doing can help generate funds for Kidzeum!

Don't miss the Fun! View our Events Calendar to see the exciting activities we have planned >>
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