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Below is a letter from two of our generous supporters.

For over a decade, Anne and I have watched the immense effort made to bring a children's museum back to Springfield, and we're so happy it's finally here!

Kidzeum of Health and Science, located in downtown Springfield, opened on July 21, 2018, and it has already become a much-loved destination.

Now, children of all abilities, including those with mental and physical handicaps, have a hands-on, fun way to learn about the healthy body, community and environment while experiencing a variety of changing exhibits. With the closest children's museum over 40 miles away, Kidzeum offers a vital resource to our community and those visiting from further afield.

Museums expose children to a broader range of experiences and are important informal learning spaces. Children need inquiry-based learning that inspires curiosity and fuels their passions. Our parents and teachers need to be better supported as learning coaches to our children. Kidzeum is our opportunity to develop today's young minds and shape tomorrow's leaders.

As Kidzeum approaches its first full year in operation, we are asking for your support. I invite you to take advantage of everything Kidzeum has to offer, such as the traveling Bees, Butterflies & Blooms exhibit coming to Kidzeum April 27. If you are yet to experience Kidzeum, we would be happy to arrange a tour for you with Executive Director, Leah Wilson. 

From now until May 31, my sister-in-law Anne and I will match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. You can make your gift by mail or online. I hope you agree that it is important to support Kidzeum and all its resources for our community and region.

Kidzeum needs you! Anne and I will match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000. Your gift - multiplied! Please make your contribution today!

Yours sincerely,

Kidzeum Board Member, Wanda Tracy
and community supporter, Anne Capestrain

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