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Welcome! Tell me... and I'll forget; show me and I  may remember; involve me and I'll understand.

Kidzeum's mascot, Professor B.Z. Body, was created as a result of a Mascot Contest that was held in 2010. In February 2010, Blake Paige, a 9-year-old from Rochester, Illinois, was selected as the winner of the contest with his idea of Professor B.Z. Body, an educated octopus, to serve as Kidzeum's mascot. Professor B.Z. Body will make appearances at local schools, nonprofit groups, and other community organizations to assist volunteers with hands-on learning initiatives and programs. These interactive educational efforts will enable children to become more literate in a variety of concepts related to health and science in order to help them lead healthier, happier lives.

Professor B.Z. Body is an educated octopus who will help to reinforce health and science concepts to youth, and will help them to become more literate in the following areas by represented by symbolic items that he holds in each of his tentacles:

  • recycling/environmental awareness blue - recycle bin
  • nutrition - apple
  • exercise/fitness - dumbbell
  • science exploration - test tube
  • culture and Earth awareness - globe
  • hygiene and health - toothbrush
  • agriculture/farming - corn stalk
  • volunteerism/helping the community - work gloves

Check out the fun activities and links to help you learn about Professor B.Z. Body's eight symbolic concepts!

Intercultural & Global Awareness



Science Exploration


Agricultural Literacy

Eco-Friendly Living


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