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November 30, 2013 10:20 AM

"How many minutes until we will be there?" - Anna, Age 4

If you're like us, you've heard this familiar question from the back seat more times than you can count. After hitting a few hot spots on the mid-west children's museum circuit (Decatur, Bloomington, St.Louis, Chicago, and Madison), and hearing the dreaded "are we there yet?" from the back seat, we are eager to have a museum of our own to call home! Our three children, aged 4, 3, and 1, are READY for a children's museum in Springfield. 

While our own children are certainly our major motivators for supporting the Kidzeum, one of the most important aspects of the future museum is that it is accessible to ALL types of learners. Through the museum's exhibits, programs, and classroom extensions, we look forward to teachers being afforded the opportunity to enhance their classroom experiences with field trips to Kidzeum. Educators can be confident that all types of learners will be engaged with the exhibits that encompass the Kidzeum's three distinct galleries, each focusing on health and science. These galleries will help children to make connections between the environment, the choices that they make, and their own health and wellness in the future.

Outside of the classroom, families of toddlers are constantly seeking new opportunities for their children to learn and socialize. The Kidzeum will be the ideal platform for children and their caregivers to interact and learn together. However, while many families are able to make the trips to nearby children's museums, this is not a reality for all. By choosing a downtown location near the SMTD hub, the Adams street address makes the Kidzeum a realistic destination for those families who rely on public transportation. Diversity among the exhibits will also ensure that children of varying ages can enjoy the components together without being split up by age groups or without parents being torn in different directions. We love that our oldest and youngest will be able to learn in the same galleries (as opposed to many museums that have age-restricted areas)!

Furthermore, an easily accessible location becomes an additional destination for toddler playdates, summer camp visits, and scout groups seeking opportunities for learning. Once the museum opens, future enrichment programs will further enhance the learning that takes place within the exhibit space on a daily basis. 

Are we there yet? Not quite, but with your financial support, Kidzeum will be opening its doors sooner than later. We are proud to support an addition to our community which will serve as a foundation for learning for ALL children within the greater Springfield area. Please join us!

Colin and Melissa Liberman

Anna (4), Owen (3), Alice (1) new generation.  An even larger generation who have no recollection of great grandma and grepa’s farm because it probably didn’t exist by the time they came around.

As our population ages and the number of farmers shrink, the number of children who have ever had a farm experience gets smaller and smaller.  And those children grow up to become voters and community leaders who have no concept of their agricultural heritage.

This is why the Illinois Corn Marketing Board funds programs like Ag in the Classroom, 4-H, and FFA.  This is also why the Illinois Corn Marketing Board funds unique learning opportunities like the Kidzeum in Springfield.

An ag exhibit within the Kidzeum allows us the opportunity to provide a farming experience to children who would never have one.  It allows us to reach the parents of those students with easy to understand facts about farming and its place as the backbone of the Illinois economy. Studies show that one positive agricultural experience can change an individual’s perception of agriculture forever.  An ag exhibit at the Kidzeum could be that one positive farming experience.


I am proud that the Illinois Corn Marketing Board invests money in helping children understand farming and agriculture.  I know that this investment will pay dividends to my sons when they take over our farm by having started an education process for the voters who will determine their future.

Bill Long, Franklin, IL


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Kidzeum Math
November 11, 2013 7:46 PM

As Kidzeum of Health and Science embarks on our 2nd phase of our Vital for Our Youth Capital Campaign, I find myself thinking who really wants a children's museum in Springfield? There are children's museums within an hours drive and a few family friendly activities in Springfield.  Do we need more?  Absolutely!!!  I want my kids to be active, learn something, and have fun, all in a facility that will not drive me nuts.  Kidzeum's galleries and subject matter will be an interest to me, not only as a parent who is constantly worried about my kids health and keeping them from becoming a national statistic of childhood obesity or frying their brains from exposure to electronic devices;  but as a person who struggles every day to find the motivation to exercise and to eat healthy.

Parents and children will be the audience who will appreciate and enjoy Kidzeum the most. With that in mind, the people that need the Kidzeum most are young parents that are starting their families, purchasing homes to fit their growing families, buying groceries and new wardrobes for every season.  Making a gift to the Vital for Our Youth Campaign is the farthest thing from their minds and their wallets.  This mindset is not necessarily true for most families.  Supporting Kidzeum is very achievable.  Kidzeum currently needs $1.9 million to complete their $6.5 million goal needed to renovate our building on Adams Street, create state-of-the-art exhibits and have two-years of operational costs.  If you break that down, that is 190 - $10,000 gifts or 380- $5,000 gifts.  What makes it even more feasible is if 760 families across Sangamon County contribute $2,500 over a three-year period we will have raised all the money needed.  If you break it down even further:  $2,500 pledge for three years= $833/year or $69/month or $2.31/day!!!  That is much less than your daily Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks for $3.85 for  a venti!!

Families, please consider investing $2.31 per day for three years and create a learning facility that you will want to go and spend quality time with your kids.

Rachael Thomson

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Bean Sprouts Recipes
December 19, 2011 11:02 AM | Tagged as Bean Sprouts, cooking, eating healthy, kids' recipes
Bean Sprouts recipes are starting to "sprout" up on PBS Kids Sprout! 
Hopefully with your support, we can bring a Bean Sprouts Cafe and Cooking School to Kidzeum so we can enjoy these, and other healthy and delicious recipes!


Elmo's Smiley Smoothie



Good Bite, Moon





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Jillian Michael Interviews Jamie Oliver
December 16, 2011 10:29 AM | Tagged as Food Revolution, healthy eating, Jamie Oliver, Jillian Michaels, nutrition

Renowned fitness expert, Jillian Michaels, best known for her role as the tough trainer on Biggest Loser, will be contributing regularly to the #1 online health destination--everydayhealth.com--and we think the readers of kidzeum.org would love to read her exclusive interview with Jamie Oliver on "The Fight for Healthier Food."  Jamie Oliver is best known for his fight to instill a Food Revolution and to promote healthier and more nutritious eating in schools across America.

Read the full interview here: http://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-living/jamie-oliver-on-the-fight-for-healthier-food.aspx.


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Electronics BANNED from Landfills
December 12, 2011 5:15 PM | Tagged as electronics, environmentally-friendly, Green, Landfills, nonprofit organizations, recycling

ALL consumer electronics will be banned from landfill disposal as of Jan 1, 2012. This will impact the hauling of residential trash items as well as Springfield's large item program and drop-off recycling. Fortunately, several organizations in Springfield that will accept electronics, see details below.

  • Habitat for Humanityaccepts all computers and related equipment, as well as televisions, cameras, stereos, VCRs and other electronics. This is made possible by arrangement with Vintage Tech Recyclers of Illinois. See Habitat’s website at: www.habitatsangamon.com and click on News/Events.
  • Goodwillaccepts all used computers and related equipment such as monitors, hard drives, software, printers, and ink and toner cartridges through a program with Dell Reconnect. See their website: www.llgi.org.
  • Ronald McDonald Housenow accepts printer cartridges and cell phones for recycling, which supports their mission. See details of this program at www.rmhc-centralillinois.org.
  • BLH Computersof Springfield accepts from residents or businesses any and all types of electronics of any age, in any condition, for recycling. See their website at: http://www.blhcomputers.com.
  • ComputerBanc is a local non-profit organization that refurbishes and provides computers to children with learning disabilities and families in need, helping to close the “digital divide”. See their website at: http://computerbanc.org.

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In Case You've Bean Wondering...
November 16, 2011 3:39 PM
...Kidzeum has bean working very hard on a new initiative!
Kidzeum is excited to announce the partnership with Bean Sprouts, a nationally renowned organization with a mission to "spark children's appetites with good-for-you food and to delight parents with a happier mealtime."  Bean Sprouts' core values of positivity, playfulness, innovation, and health, resonate with Kidzeum's goals to provide educational and entertaining hands-on opportunities to promote health and science.
Bean Sprouts approached Kidzeum to partner on a Cafe and Cooking School within the children's museum. Bean Sprouts currently uses this model within several other children's museums, and has achieved significant success in not only attracting additional visitors to the museums, but also perpetuating their missions of making healthy decisions. The first Cafe and Cooking School opened inside the Madison Children's Museum in 2010, and serves as the template for additional cafes and cooking schools, including within Wonder! in the Chicagoland area, the Betty Brin Children's Museum in Milwaukee, Children's Museum of Manhattan, and a cooking school in Los Angeles. 
Ideally, the Cafe would be in the entrance area of Kidzeum so that passersby as well as museum visitors would be able to enjoy healthy, yummy food without having to pay the admission fee. The Cafe aligns with Kidzeum's goals of promoting nutritious and environmentally-friendly concepts as Bean Sprouts only uses biodegradable packaging and materials. With positivity as a core value, Bean Sprouts sees its efficient use of energy and water, sustainable management of waste, and recycling practices as making a positive impact on the environment.
In addition to the on-site Cafe, Bean Sprouts proposes a Cooking School, utilizing the very successful templates the organization has created and implemented in several other children's museums. Cooking School classes and programs that will be scheduled numerous times throughout a month upon Kidzeum's opening. These cooking classes are geared towards toddlers and grade school children, and allow kids to have fun with food and to explore new ingredients.
Each cooking class will welcome between 10-20 participants (based upon age group) to ensure individual attention from the instructor, who is a locally-based employee of Bean Sprouts. The instructor will provide a fun, playful, and educational cooking class experience for children. S/he will prepare all food items and equipment prior to the class, lead a top-notch class for students, and clean up after each class. Each class participant will be actively engaged in activities associated
with preparing a healthy meal and learning about each food during the process.
Kidzeum is seeking Cafe and Cooking School Sponsors and Investors to support the approximate $45,000 initial cost to develop and construct the Cafe, which includes construction of the space (walls, floors, plumbing, etc.), kitchen appliances and equipment, classroom design, maintenance, and program materials for class participants such as aprons, utensils, bowls, cutting boards, etc. Besides supporting an extremely educational and unique initiative, Cafe and Cooking School investors will receive a multitude of marketing and promotional benefits. If your organization is interested in becoming involved as an investor or sponsor of the Bean Sprouts Cafe and Cooking School, please email info@kidzeum.org or call (217) 971-4435.
Bean Sprouts has been receiving a tremendous amount of publicity and coverage over the past year.  Bean Sprouts was recently named one of the "Top 100 Movers and Shakers" in the restaurant industry for providing a place for families that is both healthy and fun, and is also the only restaurant to offer homemade organic baby food. The co-owners of Bean Sprouts are experts within the arena of children's health and marketing to improve kid's nutrition: together they wrote Bean Appetit: Hip and Healthy Ways to Have Fun with Food, which has received major national press coverage. Shannon Seip is also the author of Pop Quiz!, If These Boobs Could Talk: A Little Humor to Pump Up the Breastfeeding Mom, and Momnesia.
And more specifically related to children's museum's, Bean Sprouts other co-owner, Kelly Parthen, has presented "Is Museum Food Service Causing Indigestion" at the Association of Children's Museums' annual conference. Bean Sprouts recently met with Sam Kass, Senior Policy Adviser For Healthy Food Initiatives (for Michelle Obama's Let's Move! healthy kids campaign) and is working as leaders in the industry to advance the national campaign. In addition, Bean Sprouts has a recurring spot on PBS Sprout, and has been featured on Good Morning America Health, The Martha Stewart Show, Parents Magazine, ABC News, Radio Disney, and Nickelodeon.
For more information on Bean Sprouts, please visit www.beansproutscafe.com.

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Farm to Market Exhibit
October 4, 2011 9:59 PM | Tagged as agricultural literacy, agriculture, Farm to Market exhibit, farming, Healthy Community Gallery, healthy food, Illinois farm families

At Kidzeum, we pride ourselves as building a center which celebrates our community and the people and places that make central Illinois special.  We would be at a serious loss if we didn't recognize Illinois farm families and the great work they perform every day to provide us with healthy food.  One way Kidzeum would like to acknowledge the importance of Illinois agriculture is by featuring a brand-new space in the Healthy Community Gallery called Farm to Market exhibit. 

Please take a moment to view these new blueprint renderings, which are available now for investment by agricultural businesses and organizations, or for naming rights by individual contributors.  We appreciate what Illinois farm families do to make our community healthy, and we hope you will too!

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Kidzeum in Chamber Update Magazine
August 25, 2011 6:00 PM

Kidzeum was recently featured in a two-page spread within the Update magazine published quarterly by the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce.  It is gratifying to know how important Kidzeum is viewed as a worthwhile investment in the Springfield community.  Click here to read the fantastic article and how Kidzeum is a facility that can help generate economic growth in Sangamon County and beyond!

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Kidzeum on WUIS
August 15, 2011 12:01 PM | Tagged as interview, Kidzeum of Health and Science, Vital for Our Youth Capital Campaign, WUIS

Kidzeum's Executive Director, Farah Salim, was recently interviewed by Rachel Otwell of WUIS.  Click here to listen to the report and/or see a written transcript from the podcast.

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Kidzeum Joins First Lady and Let's Move!
August 4, 2011 3:37 PM | Tagged as Childhood Obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama, Healthy Choices, Kidzeum, Let's Move!, nutrition
The Kidzeum of Health and Science announced join the Let's Move! initiative started by the First Lady Michelle Obama and Institute of Museum and Library Services Director Susan Hildreth. The national initiative will provide opportunities for millions of museum and garden visitors to learn about healthy food choices and will promote physical activity through interactive exhibits and programs. 
In a press conference earlier in June, Mrs. Obama said, "Everyday, in museums...and so many other places, you expose our children to new ideas and inspire them to stretch their imaginations. You teach them new skills and new ways of thinking. And you instill a love of learning that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Every day, you all make such a difference in the lives of our children. And that’s why I’m so excited to work with you on an issue that is so critical to their health and well-being."
Developed in coordination with national museum and garden leaders, Let’s Move! Museums has four priorities and corresponding goals associated with the initiative:
  • Priority #1: Eat healthy, get active exhibits 
  • Priority #2: Learning about Healthy Choices through afterschool, summer and other programs 
  • Priority #3: Healthy food service
  • Priority #4: Learning about healthy food choices and physical activity using food service operation
All of the Let's Move! priorities are a natural fit for Kidzeum because of our focus on health and science throughout all three Gallery areas. The Healthy Community, Healthy Body, and Healthy Earth & Environment Galleries will all provide related programming, exhibits, and learning opportunities that address the criteria as a Let's Move! partner. Kidzeum visitors will be able to participate in exercise-manipulated engagements to perform an activity in the Healthy Community Gallery, or learn how food is digested in the Healthy Body Gallery, or understand how the environment plays a big part on health.
For these reasons and more, Kidzeum is proud to join fourteen other parks, gardens, zoos, and children's museums in Illinois in the Let's Move! campaign. This call to action to end childhood obesity is so vital for our youth and necessary for our entire community to support. For more information on the Let's Move! effort, please visit www.kidzeum.org.

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Health Hits Home for One Kidzeum Family
August 2, 2011 3:11 PM | Tagged as Board Member, celiac disease, Family, Gluten-Free Diet, Kidzeum, McLaughlin, Support


You never know what the future holds when it comes to your children’s health. Joey McLaughlin, a Kidzeum Board Member, and his wife, Michelle, faced a scary period of time with their son, Jack, when he was nearly two years old. Jack suddenly had developed spots on his tongue (a sign, they found out later, that he was suffering from malnourishment) and he started having major digestive problems. When he wouldn't get better, Jack's parents took him to the doctor. But after about a month of trying to diagnose Jack, his parents were beginning to worry that he might have cancer.

When Jack and his parents went to the gastrointerologist, the doctor thought maybe Jack’s antibiotic from an earlier bout of pneumonia had wiped out the good bacteria in his stomach as well as the bad, causing the stomach issues. He suggested Jack be put on iv liquids which meant he could have nothing else to eat or drink during this time. This was done to try to let his gastrointestinal system rest and recover. He had a central line IV put in to give him the fluids with a pump housed in a backpack. Jack's parents had to change his nutrient pack several times a day and we had to learn how to flush out the line. It hurt Joey and Michelle to see him lying there, and having to forego solid food for so long. 

The gastrointeologist had also taken some other tests while Jack was in the office. Among those was a blood test for celiac disease. Two days into the fluids, a call came into the gastroinerologist saying Jack’s blood test for celiac came back positive. What did this mean? The next step would be to get a biopsy of his intestines, the only way to confirm if he really did have celiac disease.

Celiac disease causes a person to be intolerant to gluten. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats (via cross contamination). The doctor described it to us this way...gluten acts as sandpaper and causes the villi in your intestines to be sanded down to nothing. Without the villi, you lose the ability to absorb nutrients. If left untreated, the Celiac Disease Foundation says it can lead to damage of the small bowel that can be chronic and life threatening, causing an increased risk of associated disorders – both nutritional and immune related.

After finding out Jack had celiac disease, the family didn't know where to turn for help in understanding which foods were appropriate and which foods could cause Jack to spiral into another lapse if he ingested wheat. Finally, the family found some information from the University of Chicago after many, many hours of endless research and sleepless nights. And what they found was helpful, but they wished they could have had more local resources to help them break down the very strict parameters of a gluten free diet. 

A gluten free (GF) diet means NO wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats. Wheat is in more than just bread and cookies. Wheat can be found in seasonings, medicines, cereals, as coating for some foods, etc. Jack's parents had to learn to read labels and what to look for to ensure there was absolutely no wheat. The research pointed Jack's parents to discovering gluten free products for things like bread, cookies, etc. so that Jack's life could be as normal as possible. They didn’t want Jack to go to a birthday party and not be able to have cake and pizza like the rest of the kids, so they began making their own gluten free cake and pizza to take with him.

After the family found out more about the disease, they realized that Jack's sister Sarah also experienced some of the symptoms, and upon having her tested, Sarah was diagnosed with celiac disease as well. Sarah's diagnosis was another reason that resources about celiac disease is so vital to the health of families...to be able to spot and recognize symptoms and learn to preemptively act before a scary situation occurs.

Because there wasn't somewhere locally to understand celiac disease, Jack's parents had to endure undue stress to take the time to research for information. But, Joey is actually a Kidzeum of Health and Science Board Member. And for that reason, within the Healthy Body Gallery, Kidzeum is determined to help other families, like Jack's, to learn more about celiac disease and provide them with resources to help manage their diet. Kidzeum will also offer other visitors, who may not realize what a gluten free diet entails, to understand the disease and to become empathetic to those who have been diagnosed.

Kidzeum will not be just an entertainment facility with the best interactive engagements to provide fun for children. Kidzeum will serve a very vital purpose by offering educational outreach, learning opportunities, and socialization to help understand differences, whether it be celiac disease, visual impairment, or utilizing a  prosthetic. Kidzeum is a community-oriented place where children and their families will discover ways together to help live healthier, happier lives, just like Jack and Sarah.

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T&C Bank Gives a Lot of TLC!
July 31, 2011 8:15 PM | Tagged as Coins for Kidzeum, Professor B.Z. Body, Town & Country Bank

Town & Country Bank (T&C) is full of people who not only know how to bank for their community, but also how to craft for their community! Three ladies in particular showed some special TLC (tender, loving, care) to and for Kidzeum's very own Professor B.Z. Body during the recent Coins for Kidzeum Campaign!
Jean Hild and Cheryl Womack, two Town & Country employees at the Dirksen branch, were talking about the Kidzeum mascot, Professor B.Z. Body, who was wearing champion gear to celebrate the Town & County Coins for Kidzeum Challenge. Both ladies wanted to bring life to Professor B.Z. Body to add attention to the Coin Champion displays. Together, the ladies came up with a yarn version of the Professor. Jean created the Professor's body and cap, while Cheryl created the T-shirt complete with matching Town & Country sprig logo!
And Professor B.Z. Body also made another appearance at Town & Country Bank's headquarters. Val Gilligan, a long-time bank teller and part-time craft enthusiast, showed off her sewing skills with a fully homemade Professor B.Z. Body costume! She unveiled her creative costume at the Coin Champion Celebration, where adoring Kidzeum fans were thrilled to see their mascot come to life! Val is also in the process of making another, more fortified Professor B.Z. Body to give to Kidzeum for future events and mascot appearances!
These three ladies, along with the other Town & Country Bank employees, showed the community that there is such a thing as having fun at work! Thanks gals!

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Exhibit Exhibition!
June 23, 2011 3:32 PM

Check out all of the exhibit renderings that have been professionally designed by renowned children's museum exhibit creators Kraemer Design + Production Inc., Redbox Workshop, smallexhibits.com, and BLDD Architects!  Simply click on the links below to direct you to the appropriate listing.

Many of these exhibits are available for naming rights and sponsorship - check out the Sponsor an Exhibit page for more information on how your business can invest in a meaningful and revelant learning opportunity!  We can even customize exhibits to match your company's mission, services, or corporate philosophy!

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Coins for Kidzeum CHALLENGE
May 3, 2011 2:42 PM

Join us for the Coins for Kidzeum Challenge from 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. THIS FRIDAY, May 6 at any Springfield Town & Country Bank location listed below.  Volunteers will be giving away goodies, signing up Coin Champions, and generally having fun trying to raise money to build the Kidzeum of Health and Science!  Stop by even just to drop off some spare change under your car seat...ALL cents make sense!

  • 601 Wabash Ave.    
  • 2601 N. Dirksen Pkwy.
  • 1925 S. MacArthur Blvd.    
  • 2401 Wabash Ave.

And even though we're counting down the last few weeks of the Coins for Kidzeum Campaign sponsored by Town & Country Bank (ends May 18), there's still time be a Coin Champion! Coin Champions collect coins and deposit them at Springfield Town & Country Bank locations and compete to win prizes for the top fundraiser in one of these three categories:

  • Individual
  • Groups (3rd Floor Accounting Dept., Girl Scout Troops, Apartment Block C, you get the idea!)
  • Classrooms (ANY grade, ANY school, ANY amount of students!)

Right now, we've raised about $3,500 of the total goal of $5,000, and so we need all those competitive teammates to sign up as a Coin Champion!  Remember, it's not about winning, but it's about being a Champion to make a BIG change by collecting spare change!

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Coins for Kidzeum
March 30, 2011 6:07 PM | Tagged as Change for Good, Coin Champions, Coins for Kidzeum, Kidzeum Champions, Town & Country Bank Coins Campaign


The Coins for Kidzeum Campaign sponsored by Town & Country is now at our halfway point!  We're excited to share that as of right we have more than 35+ individuals, 30+ groups, and 10+ classrooms participating as Coin Champions!

The Coins for Kidzeum Campaign runs from March 1 - May 18, but YOU can still get in on the fun and be a Coin Champion!  All you have to do is fill out and print the application found here, or visit a Town & Country Bank location to complete your form and submit it for your Coin Collection Kit including a Change Bank, posters, and more goodies!  Then, collect, collect, collect!  Gather spare change from under the car seat, in the sofa cushions, your family's cookie jar...you get the idea!

The top Coin Champions in each of the three categories (Individuals, Groups, and Classrooms) will compete to win prizes which will be given at the top-secret Coin Champion Celebration at the end of May.  So it's a WIN-WIN-WIN for all, and everyone's a Champion!  Collect to make a BIG Change for Good in our community!  Collect to build Kidzeum!


  • You can deposit your change at any Town & Country Bank location in Springfield (during business hours) as many times as you would like
  • Classrooms MUST provide a roster of all students who will participate in the campaign
  • All change collected must be collected in good faith to benefit the Kidzeum of Health and Science


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About Us
February 21, 2011 9:30 PM | Tagged as Kidzeum, Springfield Illinois

Creatively designed with a focus on fun and learning, Kidzeum will be a 15,000-square-feet structure in Edwin Watts Southwind Park (located off the Toronto Road exit on I-55) in Springfield, Illinois.  Kidzeum will feature hands-on exhibits, as well as inquisitive and entertaining programs to meet the needs of ALL children, including those with physical, cognitive, and/or emotional disabilities.

Kidzeum is committed to nurturing health and wellness, promoting science education, and to developing environmental and global awareness through innovative programs and exhibits.  This is no small effort! There are hundreds of people involved in the planning, building, and fundraising efforts, with much of the help coming from volunteers who have generously donated their time to their worthy effort. Learn more about how the Kidzeum concept developed, why it is so important to our community, and who is involved in this much-needed and greatly-anticipated project.

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February 21, 2011 9:29 PM | Tagged as Edwin Watts Southwind Park, Kidzeum of Health and Science, Springfield Illinois

Welcome to Kidzeum of Health and Science!

A place to create memorable experiences of learning & discovery through play for children of ALL abilities.

The Kidzeum of Health and Science is a 15,000-square-foot children's museum being built in Edwin Watts Southwind Park in Springfield, Illinois. This unique educational and entertainment facility has a mission to serve as a place of learning and discovery through play for children of ALL abilities.  Kidzeum is committed to nurturing health and wellness, promoting science education and to developing environmental and global awareness through innovative programs and exhibits.

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Support Us
February 21, 2011 9:29 PM | Tagged as Kidzeum

Through our Vital for Our Youth Capital Campaign, Kidzeum is raising money to not only build a spectacular green building, but to create educational and interactive exhibits that will help teach all visitors to lead healthier, happier lives.

We can’t build this amazing facility without your help! There are several ways to contribute to Kidzeum, from sponsoring an entire exhibit to attending one of our many fundraising events. We also accept in-kind donations of services or products.

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Posted: May 14, 2014 8:30 PM Volunteer Spotlight: Brenda Will
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