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The Kidzeum of Health and Science is pleased to have the opportunity to build an educational and entertainment facility for children and their families through the Vital for Our Youth 2.0 Capital Campaign. However, this would not be possible without the sponsors, major donors, community members, and local businesses that have all helped to contribute towards the Campaign.

To ensure its viability and sustainability, Kidzeum has and will engage medical experts, healthcare professionals, educators, engineers, developers, environmental specialists, as well as leaders and families from the community and beyond. Using this extensive research and input from focus groups, Kidzeum is launing the Vital for Our Youth 2.0 Capital Campaign to address the costs associated with the project:

  • Development and construction of 25,000-square-feet-facility, $3,000,000
  • Exhibit design, development, fabrication, and construction, $2,000,000
  • Operating Budget (for two-years to offset any pitfalls in the future), $1,500,000

The phrase Vital for Our Youth 2.0 Capital Campaign is more than a slogan for raising money to build a structure; it is the philosophy that by contributing towards the Kidzeum of Health and Science, you will ultimately help to provide the knowledge and resources the youth of today and tomorrow need to live healthier, happier lives.

Please explore the links below to understand just how vital building an educational and entertainment facility like Kidzeum is to improving the quality of life for our youth, community, and future.

Vital for Our Youth
Kidzeum of Health and Science will help educate, promote awareness, and address the following critical issues affecting the health and wellness of youth today and of future generations:*

  • Current generation of children in the U.S. will live 2-5 years LESS THAN THEIR PARENTS due to affects of childhood obesity
  • Every day, 35 children are diagnosed with Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes
  • Polluted air is one of the top ten causes of premature death worldwide
  • By age 17, more than 7% of children have lost at least one permanent tooth to decay
  • More than 24 million tons of trash is disposed of each year; organic materials make up the bulk of the waste which could be recycled (35% paper and cardboard; 25% food and yard trimmings)

Vital for Our Community
It's true that the Kidzeum of Health and Science is Vital for Our Youth, but it's also vital for our community. Establishing Kidzeum will produce significant benefits for Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois, the Midwest, and beyond!

  • Construction and development of Kidzeum will provide jobs for laborers and future staff
  • Offer a boost to Springfield's tourism industry and offer a new destination for the 1,000,000+ annual visitors
  • Field trip opportunities will reinforce health, science, and math standards taught at area schools
  • Renovating an historic building in downtown Springfield, to enhance and seed the idea of inclusion as well as energy efficiency
  • Serve as a potential selling point for recruitment/retention of employees for local businesses
  • Offer visible opportunities for companies to sponsor exhibits, conferences, meetings, and special events
  • Provide an AFFORDABLE destination for families to visit for education and entertainment
  • Offer volunteer opportunities for adolescents and retirees to get involved in the community
  • Encourage job-shadowing and internship opportunities, as well as to promote variety of career fields

Vital for You To Be Involved
The Vital for Our Youth Capital Campaign is critical to the development of Kidzeum of Health and Science as way to raise money to build this one-of-a-kind facility!

If you are a business or corporation, we hope you will consider serving as a major contributor or sponsor of an exhibit. Your investment in the community will not go unnoticed by the thousands of expected visitors to Kidzeum of Health and Science, while your company will enjoy many numerous marketing and publicity benefits!

Individuals are a vital part of the Campaign as well. Your contribution will bring meaningful benefits and positively impact our community. Give a lasting gift and make a positive impression on the community you call home!

Businesses and individuals interested in helping to realize the premier children's museum in Illinois dedicated to health and science should contact Rachael Thomson, Kidzeum Board President (info@kidzeum.org or 217.971.4435) to see how your tax-deductible gift can make a difference.

Vital for Our Youth Capital Campaign Gift Levels
Kid's Corner Level:  $500
Best Friends Level:  $1,000
Helping Hands Level:  $5,000
Enchantment Level:  $10,000
Amazement Level:  $25,00
Wonder Level:  $100,000
Marvel Level:  $250,000
Magic Level:  $500,000
Miracle Level:  $1,000,000

Kidzeum Naming Opportunities

Entire Gallery
Healthy Body:  $350,000
Healthy Community:  $250,000
Healthy Earth & Environment:  $250,000

Exploration Areas:  $50,000 each
Offices/Party Room/Gift Shop:  $25,000 each
Benches (10 Total Available):  $10,000 each
Programs:  $10,000

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